Solanum sisymbriifolium

Family Solanaceae

Species Profile

Species classification Naturalised
Common namesDense-thorn Bitter Apple, Fire and Ice Plant, Red Buffalo-burr, Sticky Nightshade, Viscid Nightshade, Wild Tomato
SynonymsSolanum sisymbriifolium f. lilacinum Kuntze
LongevityPerennial, Annual
Growth formHerb
Seed dispersal morphologyFleshy fruit/Edible/Aril
Maximum height (m)1.5
Capable of vegetative reproductionYes
Native rangeSouth America
Exotic range (Australia)NSW, QLD, VIC, WA
Exotic range (other)United States, Europe, New Zealand, southern Africa, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Asia
Habitat types (exotic)Roadsides, Wastelands, Agricultural land, Dry sclerophyll forest
Soil type (exotic)Most soil types, Peat, Sandy
Decade of introduction1920

Rating [?]

Climate scenario Australia ACT NSW NT QLD SA TAS VIC WA
Current climate 362638204026263834
RCP 8.5 2035 362638204026263834
RCP 8.5 2065 362636183824263832

Maps of Habitat Suitability & Recorded Occurrences

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Current suitable habitat

2035 suitable habitat
(RCP 8.5)

2065 suitable habitat
(RCP 8.5)

Recorded occurrences

Recorded occurrences


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